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The City of Philadelphia has made its intentions clear to establish a new location for the African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP).

Philadelphia is a city filled with rich history, a vibrant Black community, and many contributions to art. To honor that legacy and history, there have been some recent changes to the city’s urban planning and local development. The City of Philadelphia has made its intentions clear to establish a new location for the African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP).

The African American Museum in Philadelphia is a cherished place as the first major museum of Black history and culture established by an American city. This long-awaited announcement and the upcoming construction should bring new life to the community and the city’s attraction. Check out everything locals and tourists should know about the new city changes that will take effect soon.

The move is a refreshing change to bring more attention to the important museum. Moving AAMP is part of a new development plan that will add and expand impressive features to the city. In collaboration with the Frontier Development & Hospitality Group and National Real Estate Development, many changes will be made throughout the city. These changes will grant locals a more accessible and renewed community. The plans will, of course, also positively impact tourism in the area.

Some other developments in the area include the expansion of the Free Library of Philadelphia and the transformation of the historic Family Court Building. In respect of the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, any buildings (including the court building) will be simply reinvigorated instead of torn down. A new Children and Family Center and auditorium will be added as well.

The current museum is located across from a federal prison. Understandably, this fact sets a negative tone for the monumental institution. Amid the announcement of the move, the community and Philadelphia leadership have even expressed their satisfaction with the decision. The decision aims to make the museum a hotspot for sightseeing.

Also, the more welcoming location will make tourists feel more comfortable exploring greater Philadelphia when visiting. The museum is moving to Ben Franklin Parkway. This area is where several other culturally commemorative sites are located. For example, the Philadelphia Art Museum and Franklin Institute are in the vicinity. These are exceptionally popular places for community members and visitors to check out and the museum’s new location is better fitting for such a legacy.

The changes to the African American Museum in Philadelphia and other buildings are highly anticipated, but the development deal is not complete. At least $50 million has been committed to the project by the City of Philadelphia. However, the total cost has not been negotiated yet. Although there is currently no construction start date, the whole project should take around five years to complete.

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